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And just like that, 20 years working in the culinary industry have gone by.  I started my journey developing recipes and articles for a regional food column. When life moved our family to a new part of the country, I gained practical cooking experience by working in commercial kitchens. 

I've been a prep chef, cheese specialist, private chef, sous chef and culinary instructor. Each job deliciously unique, and let's say, character building. 

Another career pivot led me back into the world of food writing and recipe development for national food and lifestyle-related publications, various food brands, and as an on-air recipe expert for AM Northwest Morning Show in Portland, Oregon. 

More recently, I've had the honor of writing two cookbooks. The Oregon Farm Table Cookbook in 2020, and For The Love of Seafood in 2023. You will find these books wherever books are sold.

Today I am still writing, still cooking, and still relishing every delicious morsel of life in my beautiful hometown in central Oregon. I believe that food is the element that brings us to the table, where life is lived, and cherished memories are made. 

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